Welcome to Wolf Digital Marketing. We’re here to guide you and your organisation through your digital marketing journey. We’ve worked on digital marketing projects in the UK and across Europe and our aim is to build partnerships with all of our clients as opposed to becoming a supplier. We have over 10-years experience in managing PPC campaigns, SEO strategies, Email Marketing campaigns and Website Optimisation. As long as your website is receiving traffic there is an opportunity to increase the quality of your visitors, enquiries and overall conversion rates. Your website is the single most important element of your business. Let’s put a strategy in place to get it working harder.


Digital Marketing Strategies


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Digital campaign management is the process of managing digital campaigns from concept to delivery. We make sure that the budgets are properly aligned with the business objectives, all campaigns are tracked correctly from the start and that the campaigns are continuously monitored throughout their duration. All of this combined will enable you to get a positive return on your digital campaign investment.

Target & retarget your customers with highly relevant ads. The pay-per-click (PPC) model of paid advertising means that you only pay when a user clicks on your ads. Google, Bing, Instagram, Facebook all offer paid advertising platforms that can increase sales, drive traffic to your website and improve brand awareness.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is so important for your business. Fact. Search engines like Google & Bing provide answers and almost every user will utilise a search engine at some point during their buying journey. Research, comparisons, reviews, ideas, inspiration are all part of the search process – make sure you website is found with a solid SEO strategy.

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Your email database contains some of your most loyal and engaged customers. It also contains customers that you have not sold to yet. A strategic email marketing campaign can help to re-engage both of these audiences and drive sales. GDPR presents a huge opportunity when it comes to email marketing so now is the time to ramp up your email marketing activity.


Give your team the digital knowledge and skills that will help your entire business succeed in the digital world. Digital marketing spans every business function from HR to events to production. Our courses help delegates to gain a deeper understanding of the strategies behind specific digital marketing channels.

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Your website is the beginning and the end of the customer’s journey with your brand. It is crucial that a website is easy to navigate, delivers the right information and looks professional. A responsive design that works on laptops, tablets and mobile phones is the bare minimum expectation of a modern day customer. Is your website up-to-date?

Paid social advertising is a form of PPC that is managed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Snapchat. Paid social is currently delivering customers directly to your website at a lower CPC than traditionally paid ad campaigns on Google & Bing. Deep targeting and visual adverts make this form of advertising one of the most ROI positive digital marketing platforms in 2018.

We can provide half and full training days on-site with organisations looking to improve the knowledge and skillset of their teams. The benefit of these training sessions is that we are able to generate great ideas and get a wide group of people enthused about being part of their companies digital journey.



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Since relaunching our client’s website, we have delivered marketing campaigns across four key channels – PPC, SEO, Email Marketing & Social Media. The fresh new design of the site has helped us to deliver some impressive results.

  • 70% Increase in Organic SEO traffic
  • 110% Increase in website conversions
  • 5% Increase in conversion rate

Clients We’ve Helped

We work with a fantastic range of clients delivering new website designs, ROI positive PPC campaigns, full-scale SEO projects and targeted Email marketing campaigns.

Every project begins with the same question. What does your business need? Do you need more traffic coming to your website? Or do you need to convert more of your existing site visitors?